Prize Raffle Online: Your Chance to Win Big!

Staycation Basket

The baskets of staycation prizes are now on the list of popular to the Must Have list for a many reasons. The first is that everyone should relax, which is why these raffle baskets are extremely popular at school functions, fundraising events as well as at every fundraising event.

You can customize your basket raffle for a staycation to suit the preferences of your guests. This means that there aren’t any two baskets that look alike.

If you’re working with the best suppliers to offer lodging in a local establishment or food vouchers along with tickets to events, it’s not too costly to provide a memorable experience.

These things, in conjunction with an organized strategy for purchasing will allow you to make the most of money.

Wine Basket

Wine baskets are a crucial element of traditional fundraising events of prize raffle online for non-profit groups because there’s plenty you can achieve with wine baskets.

Here are some wine-themed raffle baskets you can use for your auction:

Wine Focused: Create champagne red, white, and champagne special wine baskets that cater to the needs of everyone. Ask the most generous donors if they have any wine that they would like to donate or have contacts to inquire about.

Accotrements: Include glasses, wine openers that are specially wine stoppers and labels with the wine’s name, to add some shine to your wine basket.

Gourmet food items: Decorate the basket of chocolate, chocolate and cheese to satisfy your stomach too.

A majority of people enjoy drinking a glass of wine, which makes it an ideal basket to raffle at your fundraising event for non-profit organizations.

Sports Basket

The baskets for sports are always popular because we all love sports, or know others who love sports.

Here’s how to create the ultimate sporting basket that’s certain to attract the highest bids about prize raffle online. Include:

Tickets for sporting events

Memorabilia from sports signed by the athlete

Sports gear



Cards to trade

Training for sports teams, and more.

It’s not a surprise that these baskets of sports raffles are very popular and an important incentive for those who go to raffles, no matter what team they’re cheering for!

Spa Basket

Spa baskets are fun and easy to create and attract a broad range of consumers.

From lavish bath oils, at-home facial products, in-person massages and meditation sessions. This is the perfect gift that couples can use at every stage in their relationship.

Additionally, as an auction basket, you can add tangible items like bath salts, luffas, and bath soap along with a spa certificate, to make the perfect basket for charity.

Movie Night Basket

Movie nights are always an extremely popular occasion However, the raffle baskets for movie nights that are a part of auctions of raffles are more well-known.

For the greatest enjoyment out of your selection of movies, you must Include:

DVDs of films that are very popular

Coupon to Netflix

Bottle of wine

Popcorn that you make at home

Gift certificate for pizza, and

Variety of classic movie theater snacks to make your basket of prize raffle online items.


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