The 1980’s Bond Knitting Machine

Harking back to the 1980’s, a British chap by the name of Roger Curry, set off to plan a weaving machine which would be easy to utilize and could create machine-sewed pieces of clothing that would look as though they had been hand-sewn. What he made was the Security weaving machine which was an exceptionally essential, physically worked machine.


It was called ‘Security’ after a popular shopping road in focal London, which at that point, Roger Curry portrayed as “the encapsulation of English design sense.” And Security road is similarly too known now for its up-market style shops, as it was during the 1980’s.


The main Bond sewing machines to be sold in the UK were the Bond Unique and later the Bond Exemplary. These machines could deal with terry towel machine    one of the famous yarns including fleece, cottons, mohair and even hand-turned fleece however it didn’t deal with well, yarns better than thick sew. These weaving machines were straightforward enough that hand-sewing designs for sweaters, for instance, could be adjusted for use on them.


1988 saw the presentation of the Bond Tip top sewing machine which notwithstanding the chunkier yarns could likewise deal with 4-utilize and twofold weaving yarns. The Security Tip top came total with a column counter, devices for making extravagant join, a needle pusher, a showed guidance book, and an educational video which exhibited how to set up the machine and how to sew with it. One of the creative parts of this specific model were its four, twofold sided keyplates which made conceivable different join sizes, and by turning them around, they could likewise be utilized for picture sewing (known as intarsia).


One of the downsides of the Bond weaving machine was that sewing ribbing was preposterous. On the off chance that you were sewing a sweater with a ribbed fix and sleeves, the piece of clothing must be taken out from the machine to weave the ribbing manually. However, by 1989 a ribber connection had opened up. Today, Bond weaving machines stay well known, being lightweight and essentially support free, and can in any case be purchased handed down in the UK.

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