What is a Hair Replacement System?

 What is a Hair Replacement System?


If you have spent any time at all looking for ways to deal with your balding and hair loss issues then I am sure you have come across the term Hair Replacement System. Toupee  I wasn’t sure what this was when I first read the term but after a little research it made sense. It is the new name for an old method of treating baldness that is making a comeback.

Hair replacement system is the name for a hair piece which is also called a Toupee. Toupees were very popular as methods for covering up bald spots during the last century until the name started to take on a negative connotation. For years it seems like every comedy movie that came out had a scene where some poor guy was embarrassed by his hair piece falling off his head. Usually, he would be eating his soup and it would fall in or his hair would fall blow off in the wind or get caught on someone’s umbrella. It got to be where the name Toupee became a joke line all by itself.

Actually, there was some truth to the problem of hair pieces falling off. The original method of attachment was by a rubber band that strapped to the head. These were notorious for slipping and letting the poor man’s hair slide one way or another.

This attachment problem has now been alleviated with the use of adhesives which can keep the hair piece on in wind or physical activities. In fact, the new method of securing the hair piece even allows you to go swimming and not worry about your hair floating away. If you are losing your hair then a hair replacement product may be just what you need as a low cost way to get hair on your head again. They look so real that many men even replace a receding hair line and then comb their hair straight back off their forehead. And no one knows the differen




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