Harley Davidson Golf Cart: An American Classic


To find a Harley Davidson Golf truck in unblemished condition is genuinely a find. You will track down Harley Davidson Golf Truck authorities all around the US. The Harley Davidson organization began building golf trucks in 1963. They began building the two gas golf vehicles as well as electric vehicles.



The primary Harley golf vehicles where three wheeled. The truck had 2 back tires and one focus wheel toward the front. The truck had an extraordinary directing bar that was utilized rather than a controlling wheel. This controlling handle is really called a turner guiding wheel. The three wheeled trucks are less steady on hard turns than their four – wheeled cousins however the one of a kind look of the truck cause gatherers to salivate when they see a decent one. The electric trucks were less famous and in this manner there are less of Buy jeeter juice carts for sale trucks in presence today.


THE Work of art

The backside on a portion of the trucks were raised to give the truck a profound well. This well is where the golf club sacks were set. This specific model is known as the “Exemplary”. These models likewise had just three wheels. Albeit the back was raised, this ought not be mistaken for the lifted golf trucks you at times see today.



HD did ultimately move their plans to the more normal and stable four wheel plan that we ordinarily see today. At the hour of the four wheel plan, Harley Davidson accomplished something special with the body plan. They permitted the backside of the body to be lifted vertical for adjusting the motor. Basically the back of the truck was on a pivot. It was at about this time that Harley Davidson got once more into the battery fueled motors once more.


Harley Davidson golf truck parts are still out there. Gatherers might need to scour the eBay postings or hit the swap meets yet they can be found. Also old trucks have been consigned to the garbage dump yet some have been left in respect with taking parts from them to be utilized on rebuilding projects. Notwithstanding the old parts, some fresher ones have been created to retro-fit on the trucks.


A two cycle, 250 cc gas motor was utilized in both the four-wheelers and three wheeler models of Harleys trucks. 6 – six volt batteries controlled the 36 volt battery model. The actual trucks sell for about $200-$500 in rough shape. The key is attempting to find the Harley Davidson golf truck parts that might be expected to get done with the task.


The Finish of Harley

In 1969 Harley offered their organization to American Machine and Foundry Organization (AMF). AMF proceeded with creation until they offered the truck division to Columbia Standard Vehicle in 1982. You will hear some Harley Davidson trucks alluded to as an AMF Harley Davidson Golf Truck. Those trucks were produced in the 1969 to 1982 time span.


The fascination for HD trucks began to blur and creation halted at last in 1982. From that point forward, a few organizations have delivered modest quality Harley-Davidson golf truck imitations. For those needing a unique, it is exceptionally prudent to investigate having a specialist in golf vehicles check out at the truck first.


Today individuals drive these road lawful trucks around greens and retirement towns. Proprietors are an as yet purchasing golf truck extras for Harley Davidson Trucks as large numbers of these trucks are still effectively utilized. The reclamation of these trucks are fun as well as fulfilling. There truly isn’t much to a golf truck and the reclamation of a HD vehicle isn’t just fun yet a genuinely simple task. It is surely a lot more straightforward than attempting to reestablish an auto.

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