Electric Airsoft Rifles – ICS AK74 Metal AEG Airsoft Rifle

Electric airsoft rifles are the lovers most prominent weapon with regards to shielding your ground, and the ICS AK74 Metal AEG is no special case. Whether you are in a tight situation fight or shooting from long reach, this electric airsoft rifle will give you dependable execution and significant distance precision.

The AK74 fires in the self-loader as well as the completely programmed modes. It is built altogether of metal, giving the shooter enduring sturdiness in the field. It tips the scales at a little more than 6 1/2 pounds and has a general length of 37 inches.

With the recommended.2g ammo, this electric airsoft rifle will shoot the bbs at 340 feet each second. This redesigned rendition of the AK74 integrates a 30 carbine ammo force engine, low opposition 16 measure wiring, a supported pinion and furthermore a slant stuff, and steel bushings that are silicon compound.

Albeit the electric rifle is prescribed to fire the .2g ammo, it will shoot .12g ammo at a speed of 400 feet each second. Included is a 4×32 standard marksman scope that is range assessing.

The AK74 uses a huge limit magazine which is fit for holding 550 rounds of ammo. ICS incorporates two of these high limit magazines for additional playing time in the field. It runs off of a 9.6 NiMH 2000mah enormous battery pack, giving you the enduring exhibition that you expect during long fight groupings. The battery has the huge male fitting that is charged by an included 9 volt 500mah battery charger.

This electric airsoft rifle is a precise reproduction, a 1:1 proportion of the genuine weapon. It succeeds in mid-reach to long reach terminating, in spite of the fact that it performs similarly also in close quarter battle. This makes this airsoft rifle very adaptable, and with the additional extension, you will actually want to dial in your rivals effortlessly.

You can get to the battery through the knob stock, and is sufficiently huge to oblige the bigger battery types would it be advisable for you need to give this rifle considerably more overhauls.

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